Pipeline Pitting & Repair

Pipeline Pitting and Repair Techniques

In this article, ION Pro explains that pipelines are the most cost-effective and environment-friendly mode of hydrocarbon fuel transportation. The focus of this paper is on the repair of pipeline defects that require repair/reinforcement against failure due to circumferential stresses.

Hot Tap & Linestop In-Service Welding Considerations

1. Introduction & Background. In-service repairs provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly options for maintaining transport pipelines, associated piping infrastructure and process facilities to keep running for their design life. In-service welding is often required to: Repair a damaged pipeline or piping system Corrosion or mechanical damage Install a branch connection to tie in a new customer or source of supply Economic & environmental incentives Blow down vs. on-stream repair A meticulously developed and qualified Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) is at the heart of consistently performing safe in-service welding on pressurized pipeline systems. This paper focuses …

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