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Plugging Methods For In-Service Pipelines

Pipelines, over decades, have established themselves as the transportation of choice to offer a safe, reliable way to transport a multitude of products. The reliance we place on pipelines as a transportation system has also accentuated the uptime requirement for these pipeline systems.
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Economics of Hot Tapping

In this article, ION Pro explains that pipeline upgrades, maintenance, and emergency repairs are all critical aspects. It needs to be planned for and executed on a regular basis. These can lead to a loss in production due to shutdown procedures and has…
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Pipeline Pitting and Repair Techniques

In this article, ION Pro explains that pipelines are the most cost-effective and environment-friendly mode of hydrocarbon fuel transportation. The focus of this paper is on the repair of pipeline defects that require repair/reinforcement against failure due to circumferential stresses.
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Subsea Hot Tapping and Line Stopping

Subsea pipelines constitute integral components of all offshore oil and gas projects as they are considered the most economical, environment-friendly and safe means of petroleum transportation – multiphase fluids, crude, gas or petroleum products. Subsea pipelines (also called marine, submarine or offshore pipelines)…
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Requirements in Executing a Hot Tap

Requirements in Executing a Hot Tap 1. Introduction  This article details the technical and safety requirements for executing a hot tap on hydrocarbon pipelines, piping or tanks.  Hot tapping is a method of making a new connection to an existing pressured pipeline or…

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Hot Tap & Linestop In-Service Welding Considerations

1. Introduction & Background. In-service repairs provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly options for maintaining transport pipelines, associated piping infrastructure and process facilities to keep running for their design life. In-service welding is often required to: Repair a damaged pipeline or piping system Corrosion…

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Hot Tapping and Line Stopping

1. Overview of the Article This article will explain the hot tapping and line stopping operation from its typical uses and associated activities to illustrating the risks and benefits related to each operation. Hot tapping and line stopping are executed in a variety…

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Pipeline Reroute – A Turnkey Perspective

Pipeline Reroute – A Turnkey Perspective Introduction The following paper highlights 2 different pipeline reroute projects. There are many similarities, but the main difference is in the approach of each project, i.e., a traditional multi contractor involvement vs. a more turnkey approach. The…

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