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Hot tapping is the process to drill into a live pipeline system under pressure for a multitude of reasons such as:
• Tie in & offtake
• Tapping through Christmas tree valves for well re-entry
• Installation of pig signalers
• Corrosion coupons

A line stop is a process of installing an articulated plugging head into a pipeline system through a hot tapped opening, to either stop or divert the flow in the pipeline. The main options here are with or without a bypass through which the pipeline flow is diverted. This option will allow the repairs or remedial work to be executed on the pipeline without disrupting the flow in the pipeline, whereas the option without a bypass will stop the flow and allow work to be carried out whilst there is no flow in the pipeline. Our immediate capability is as follows:
• Maximum diameter – 48”
• Maximum temperature – 840 F
• Maximum pressure – 5,000 psi

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The concept of hot tapping and line stopping in a subsea environment vs onshore remains basically the same, except that the offshore conditions, water depth and other technical considerations makes this a far more challenging undertaking.

Our subsea capable equipment will perform hot tapping services up to 12” with larger sizes being developed.


As with in-service welding, this particular service lends itself to the remedial work to be performed once the particular pipeline section has been isolated through a hot tap and line stop process. The line will be cut, using a cold cutting technique, using a variety of cold cutting equipment available. After the pipe has been cut, the pipe ends need to be prepared for welding and typically, the same machine can be used as for the cold cutting, but in other cases it may be a different machine, all of which will fall under our scope.

Please check back with us in the third quarter of 2019 for more information as to how ION PRO Services can offer you this as part of our turnkey solutions.



It is the vision at ION PRO Services that we, as a solutions driven company, offer a full turnkey suite of services to all our customers and the leading edge into this, is to offer in-service welding as part of the hot tapping and/or line stopping process. Our current WPS & PQR adheres to either API 1104 Appendix B and ASME IX acceptance criteria with the following parameters:
• Up to and including X70 pipe material
• Unlimited diameters and/or unlimited wall thickness
This service is not only limited to welding of hot tap and line stop fittings, but also welded repair sleeves.

Please check back with us in the third quarter of 2019 for more information as to how ION PRO Services can offer you this as part of our turnkey solutions.


To complement our service offering, we purchased AVT equipment which will allow us to install these specialized valves up to 12” diameter.

Please visit www.avtfittings.com for more information.


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