Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our quotation is based on the following understanding and parameters:

1. Our quote is based on the assumption that we will enter into a mutually acceptable contract.

2. Our quote is valid for 30 days from quote date to design package approval date and acceptance of PO date.

3. Lead time, start date, and duration for this project:

a. Fitting Lead Time: Fitting manufacturing completion (EXW ION PRO Facility) within the schedule above and after ION PRO Services’ receipt and acceptance of an official Purchase Order and after client’s approval of Design Package (GA drawings and calculations).

b. Our quote is based on an onsite duration (base period) for In Service Welding & Line Intervention Services as contained in the pricing schedule above.

c. Actual start date for this project will be based upon a mutually agreed upon schedule and our receipt of all required documentation such as an official order and completed Ion Pro data sheet.

d. Rescheduling the project start date by the customer may result in additional charges to the customer.

e. Canceling the project after award may result in a cancellation charge payable by customer.

f. Any lead-time quoted on a fitting commences only once we are in receipt of and have accepted an official purchase order and the designs have been approved.

4. Time onsite for calculating the base period and additional days commences the day both the technician and equipment are on the job site. Once the fitting is completed, it will be shipped to the destination provided by client and invoiced for payment. If no destination is provided, ION PRO Services will invoice the client for the completed fitting and work with client to obtain a destination address for shipping.

5. The base period ends when the equipment and technician are released by the customer and both the equipment and the technician can be freely demobilized.

6. Any additional hours or days due to stand-by, additional work or other delays, beyond the base period for Ion Pro equipment and / or technician will be paid by the customer at the applicable rate shown below.

7. Our quote is a minimum charge for the number of days we have allowed.

8. Our quote is based on Ion Pro Services being award the entire scope of work. Any changes to the scope of work are subject to price revisions.

9. Our quote is based on uninterrupted and unencumbered access to the work site and clearance for all of Ion Pro’s equipment.

10. Our quote excludes delays caused by weather.

11. Our quote excludes delays due to the work site not being ready, delays due to the contractor not being ready, and delays due to lack of access to the work site. Ion Pro Services shall not be liable for delays beyond its control.

12. Our quote excludes transportation and delivery of the fitting(s) to the customer’s elected premises (site or other customer facility)

13. Our quote is based on the entire scope of work being completed with one mobilization and one demobilization.

14. An 8-hour workday, maximum 40 hours per week. The work week starts on Monday morning at 12:01AM. After 40 hours overtime rates apply.

15. Weekend work is excluded from this quote. The weekend starts at 5:00PM on Friday and ends 7:00AM on Monday.

16. Extra work rates, for standby, additional work and/or delays (a 1 day minimum applies, additional hours given in a day will be charged at an hourly rate equal to the day rate divided by 8):

a. Technician normal time – $ 1,450 / day

b. Technician overtime – $ 1,950 / day

c. Welder normal time – $ 1,650 / day

d. Welder overtime – 2,150 / day

e. Welder helper normal time – $ 900 / day

f. Welder helper overtime – $ 1,200 / day

g. Welding equipment – $ 1,170 / day / set

h. Hot tap equipment – $ 1,800 / day

i. Linestop equipment – $ 3,200 / day

17. Per diem

a. For overnight stay, required if technician’s demobilization requires overtime due to extra work: GSA rates (www.gsa.gov) to apply.

18. Third party costs: our cost plus 15%

19. Line conditions during operations including tapping, plugging and pipeline intervention, are understood to be the conditions outlined in our quotation. Any deviation from these conditions may result in extra work. Ion Pro’s lead field technician and Ion Pro’s operations manager must be notified in writing immediately of any deviations from these conditions as a hazardous situation may result.

20. Flowrates:

a. Maximum allowable flowrate for a hot tap in a liquid pipeline: 15 fps (feet per second)

b. Maximum allowable flowrate for a hot tap in a gas pipeline: 30 fps (feet per second)

c. Maximum allowable flowrate for a linestop with a bypass in a liquid pipeline: 7.5 fps (feet per second)

d. Maximum allowable flowrate for a linestop with a bypass in a gas pipeline: 15 fps (feet per second)

e. Maximum allowable flowrate for a linestop without a bypass in any pipeline: ZERO fps (feet per second)

f. Maximum allowable flowrate during an in-service weld onto a liquid pipeline: 4.0 fps (feet per second)

g. Maximum allowable flowrate during an in-service weld onto a gas pipeline: 30.0+ fps (feet per second)

h. Minimum recommended flowrate when performing an-service weld on either gas or liquid pipelines: 1.3 fps )feet per second)

21. In the absence of a filled-out data sheet received from the customer, our assumptions for the line conditions and subsequent job preparation is based on the line conditions contained in this quotation.

22. Should line conditions be different from those outlined in our quotation, we have to be notified in writing prior to equipment preparation, mobilization and pipeline intervention.

23. Ion Pro Services endeavors to ensure safe working conditions for our team members. Customer to provide our employees with safe working conditions and an appropriate safety orientation prior to entering the workplace.

24. Ion Pro Services makes no warranty on any third party purchased items. Please refer to relevant manufacturer for details of its warranty

25. Ion Pro Services shall not be held liable for any back charges without our prior written consent.

26. Payment for services and materials are due Net 30

All prices quoted are exclusive of federal, state, local or foreign sales, use, or excise taxes and any other fees, tariffs, duties or licenses levied upon, or measured by the sale, the sales price, or use of the goods ordered by Buyer, which are imposed upon Seller by reason of the manufacture, sale or delivery of such goods. Buyer agrees it is responsible for and shall pay any and all such taxes and fees – unless outlined differently in an MSA.

28. Notwithstanding these terms and conditions or any amendments thereto or terms and conditions of the customer which may be deemed part of this agreement, Ion Pro Services, LLC. shall not be liable for any losses, costs, expenses, liability, or damages arising from or connected with the performance of the job not covered by Ion Pro Services, LLC.’s public liability insurance in effect at the time of such loss, etc. The customer will hold Ion Pro Services, LLC. harmless for any loss, etc., in excess of coverage. Ion Pro Services, LLC. will provide the Customer a certificate of its public liability insurance upon request.

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