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At ION PRO Services, you will work with the world’s most talented Business Development Managers, Engineers, Hot Tap, and Line Stop Technicians, to maximize efficiency and safety in our industry. As a quality-driven organization, we look for like-minded individuals who will help further our ambitions to consistently offer a high quality service that benefits our clients and team members alike.

Our Core Values


We encourage each other and make it fun to grow together (including customers and vendors).


We are a learning and teaching organization.


We value clarity and use written
processes and metrics for that purpose.

Timeliness & Truthefulness

We are always on time and true to our word.

Speed (Velocity)

We apply a sense of urgency to be ready and to ensure meeting deadlines and goals.

Our focused approach, our many years of experience and our solutions- oriented mind set have allowed us to attract some very talented individuals with sought after skill set from our industry.

Our strong safety culture is backed by a highly trained, qualified and experienced team.

We recognise the value in our employees and keenly look after their well being.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and subscribe to a drug-free, alcohol-free and harassment-free work place.


Please view the available positions below. The detailed job desPlease view the available positions below. The detailed job description can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF.cription can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF.

Join Our Team!

To apply for the position, you will need to submit your resume for consideration by emailing it to

We have a responsibility to safeguard the personal information of potential employees and take this responsibility seriously.

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