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The ION PRO Services Insights is your online resource for the latest trends in our industry, and information on the advances in our company.
  • Plugging Methods For In-Service Pipelines
    Pipelines, over decades, have established themselves as the transportation of choice to offer a safe, reliable way to transport a multitude of products. The reliance we place on pipelines as a transportation system has also accentuated the uptime requirement for these pipeline systems.
  • Economics of Hot Tapping
    In this article, ION Pro explains that pipeline upgrades, maintenance, and emergency repairs are all critical aspects. It needs to be planned for and executed on a regular basis. These can lead to a loss in production due to shutdown procedures and has a significant financial impact. Any approach that allows for the minimization of these losses needs to be thoroughly evaluated and investigated.
  • Pipeline Pitting and Repair Techniques
    In this article, ION Pro explains that pipelines are the most cost-effective and environment-friendly mode of hydrocarbon fuel transportation. The focus of this paper is on the repair of pipeline defects that require repair/reinforcement against failure due to circumferential stresses.
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