Hot Tap and Linestop Solutions

Ion Pro Services provides safe, innovative and effective turnkey hot tap and linestop solutions to meet your unique project needs. With services, fitting and welding, all in one provider, you can count on our experience to ensure your project is completed safely, efficiently, and on time.

Hot Tap and Linestop solutions – Keeping critical pipeline infrastructure online with Ion Pro Services

When you engage ION PRO Services, you tap into the vast experience our team has to offer. Experience ranging from onshore and offshore pipeline construction, subsea pipeline systems, welding, fabrication to hot tap & linestop services, all setting Ion Pro Services apart from any other line-intervention service provider.

When you consider trusting Ion Pro Services with your next pipeline intervention project, you get a wide-ranging set of pipeline related skill and experience. Rest assured; you are in safe hands with Ion Pro.

Watch how it’s done.

Hop Tap and Double Position Linestop

Ever wondered how we replace a damaged pipeline section while keeping the contents flowing? Watch the animation for details on how this is done.

Integrated Tie-in Using an iLOK 3-Way Tee.


  • Pipeline tie-ins
  • Re-routing process piping
  • Repairing pressure letdown stations
  • Pressure and vacuum installations
  • Quality control sample points
  • Pressure gauge/monitoring points
  • Wet tapping
  • Probe and meter Installation
  • Angle hot taps
  • Fitting taps (elbows, end caps, etc.)
  • Subsea hot tap
  • Containment wall tap
  • Storage tank taps
  • Linestops
  • Freeze stops
  • Bag stops
  • Tandem linestops
  • Thermowell installations
  • Flowmeter installations
  • Injection quill installations
  • Manway taps
  • Cold taps


We are responsive to your requests and value your questions. ION Pro Services has proudly served clients seeking turnkey hot tap and linestop service as qualified experts with precision and excellence, with extensive experience in the industry.

What is a Hot Tap and Linestop?

Hot taps are typically used as a tie-in point for new piping but are also often performed as a means to install instrumentation without shutdown. Hot taps are frequently performed as an essential step in preparation for a linestop.

Successful linestops to repair or maintain pipelines and pipeline systems are the key to continued safe and effective operations of platforms, pipelines, and process facilities.

  • Single linestops to isolate a section of pipeline to allow for the safe removal and replacement of a pig launcher valve.
  • Double linestop with a bypass allows for the continued operation of a pipeline while a repair or other remedial activities are taking place.

Please visit our Insights page for a great article on the different plugging methods on pipeline systems.

The Economics Of Hot Tap

In this article, ION Pro explains that pipeline upgrades, maintenance, and emergency repairs are all critical aspects. It needs to be planned for and executed on a regular basis. These can lead to a loss in production due to shutdown procedures and has a significant financial impact. Any approach that allows for the minimization of these losses needs to be thoroughly evaluated and investigated. Go to article.


Join our team. Ion Pro Services is a leading provider of hot tap and linestop solutions to the oil, gas and water industries worldwide. Built on integrity, high ethics and strong values, we provide quality, safety, innovation and unrivaled expertise during every project we undertake.

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