Ion Pro Services is a premier pipeline solutions provider to the oil, gas, energy and related industries.


In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently. We challenge established processes and technologies in our relentless pursuit to maximize efficiency and safety in our business. Our single-minded pursuit of effective alternatives in our industry and service attitude has one focal point – you, our customer.

Ion Pro Insights

At Ion Pro Services our team keeps abreast of advanced and developing technologies in our field of work. We maintain contact with innovative thinkers and groups constantly exploring ways to improve how we do things, from hot tap, linestop, pipeline isolation techniques and pipeline repair systems to process improvements in our own service offering.

Economics of Hot Tap

In this article, Ion Pro Services explains that pipeline upgrades, maintenance, and emergency repairs are all critical aspects. It needs to be planned for and executed on a regular…

Pipeline Pitting and Repair Techniques

Ion Pro Services explains that pipelines are the most cost-effective and environment-friendly mode of hydrocarbon fuel transportation. The focus of this paper is on the repair of pipeline defects that require repair/reinforcement against failure due to circumferential stresses.

Plugging Methods For In-Service Pipelines

Pipelines, over decades, have established themselves as the transportation of choice to offer a safe, reliable way to transport a multitude of products. The reliance we place on pipelines as a transportation system has also accentuated the uptime requirement for these pipeline systems.

Our customers work with us because we have big company experience, without the big company price tag.

Engineered pipeline solutions

We are a multi-disciplinary solutions provider to the oil, gas & petrochemical industry. Offering engineered turnkey solutions for oil, gas and other critical pipeline infrastructure.

Hot Tap and Linestop Services

  • For pipelines up to 48” in diameter
  • At temperatures up to 840° F
  • At pressures up to 5,000 psi
  • In-service welding
  • Welded pipeline repair sleeves
  • Cold cutting and pipe bevel preparation
  • Offshore topside and subsea

Bundled Solutions

Combining all our primary services allows for a single point of contact – from exposing a buried pipeline by vacuum excavation to welding, fabrication, isolation, installation and commissioning.


  • Well connects
  • General tie-ins
  • Tie-in using 3-way iLOK tee to eliminate a below grade sacrificial valve
  • Pig launcher and receiver installation and making pipelines piggable
  • Relocation of pipelines due to encroachment
  • Lowering of pipelines through waterway crossings due to erosion
  • General pipeline repair and maintenance



We are equally at home when we can no longer see the shore. This is due to our proven and robust processes that allows us to safely and efficiently execute jobs in onshore and offshore environments.

A strong safety culture, complemented by a highly trained, qualified and experienced workforce means that Ion Pro Services has a perfect safety record.


Join our team. Ion Pro Services is a leading provider of hot tap and linestop solutions to the oil, gas and water industries worldwide. Built on integrity, high ethics and strong values, we provide quality, safety, innovation and unrivaled expertise during every project we undertake.

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