Subsea Hot Tap and Linestop

The offshore and subsea environment is part of our DNA at Ion Pro Services, with one of our founders having gained extensive experience in the offshore subsea environment spanning a period of more than 40 years.

Our robust processes and meticulous attention to detail places Ion Pro Services in the enviable position to offer our wide range of services both onshore and subsea.

Offshore and subsea with Ion Pro Services – keeping critical pipeline infrastructure online

The concept of hot tapping and line stopping in a subsea environment vs onshore remains basically the same, except that the offshore conditions, water depth, and other technical considerations makes this a far more challenging undertaking.

Our subsea capable equipment will perform hot tapping and linestop services up to 24” with larger sizes being developed.


Our hot tap and linestop requires methodical procedures due to the specialized specialized nature of working on under-pressure systems. The first step towards a successful project begins with communication with our clients. The focus is on getting to the right plan to produce the results our clients are looking for, this includes accurate process information from our customer in the form of a data sheet. In-house subject matter experts perform a thorough review of every application to ensure a safe, reliable and successful implementation. We are able to support our clients within the following parameters
  • Pipelines up to 48” in diameter
  • Temperatures up to 840 F
  • Pressures up to 5,000 psi


Join our team. Ion Pro Services is a leading provider of hot tap and linestop solutions to the oil, gas and water industries worldwide. Built on integrity, high ethics and strong values, we provide quality, safety, innovation and unrivaled expertise during every project we undertake.

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