Quality Policy

ION PRO Services, LLC is committed to providing quality products and services which meet or exceed our customers’ requirements, industry standards and all applicable requirements. Our company values, combined with decision making, daily operations and our focus on quality, support our strategic direction.
Commitment to stated and agreed policies and objectives is continually pursued throughout the organization, where relationships with all interested parties including employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and industry peers are valued and cultivated. A clear understanding of where ION PRO Services is positioned within the context of our operating environment and broader industry, is considered a critical factor to the company’s long-term success.
ION PRO Services, LLC is committed to continual improvement of our Quality Management System, and all areas of our operations, achievable through a clear understanding of our operating environment, clear documentation of our processes, policies, and procedures, understanding and mitigation of company related risks and training and development of employees.
Training and development of personnel is a core value within the organization (Academia). We ensure that all personnel have the job knowledge, skills, and experience to perform their work activities and are aware of the internal processes, policies, and procedures of the company’s operating systems. This is incorporated into the company’s competency and knowledge management and retention system towards long-term sustainability and value generation.
The ION PRO Services, LLC team is committed to our quality policy and quality objectives, as well as all requirements of our Quality Management System.

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