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Safe Inservice Welding

1. Introduction and Background In-service repairs provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly options for maintaining transport pipelines, associated piping infrastructure and process ...

Hot Tapping and Line Stopping

1. Overview of the Article This article will explain the hot tapping and line stopping operation from its typical uses and associated activities to illustrating the risks and benefits related ...

Requirements in Executing a Hot Tap

1. Introduction  This article details the technical and safety requirements for executing a hot tap on hydrocarbon pipelines, piping or tanks.  Hot tapping is a method of making a

Extruded-vs-Fabricated Fittings – Hot Tap and Line Stopping

1. Introduction Pipe Split-tees are inevitable components required for hot tapping or line-stopping operations. These are full-encirclement fittings with two broad areas of application as ...

Pipeline Intervention Data Sheets – A Closer Look

1. Introduction There are various definitions of a data sheet and even more opinions on the contents of a datasheet. This subject, however, has never translated well into the pipeline ...

Subsea Hot Tapping and Line Stopping

Subsea Hot Tapping and Line Stopping1. Introduction & BackgroundSubsea pipelines constitute integral components of all offshore oil and gas projects as they are considered the most ...

Pipeline Pitting and Repair Techniques

Pipeline Pitting and Repair Techniques In this article, ION Pro explains that pipelines are the most cost-effective and environment-friendly mode of hydrocarbon fuel transportation. The focus of ...

Economics of Hot Tapping

Economics of Hot TappingIn this article, ION Pro explains that pipeline upgrades, maintenance, and emergency repairs are all critical aspects. It needs to be planned for and executed on a regular

Plugging Methods For In-Service Pipelines

Plugging Methods For In-Service PipelinesPipelines, over decades, have established themselves as the transportation of choice to offer a safe, reliable way to transport a multitude of products. ...
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