Engineered Hot Tap & Linestop Fittings

High quality fittings complete the link between the problem and the solution on any pipeline system. The fitting allows for the attachment of specialized equipment to a pipeline section and subsequent use of the equipment to solve either a problem or provide an engineered solution without shutting down the pipeline.

It all starts with the fitting

Ion Pro Services’ pipeline intervention fittings are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4 and/or ASME B31.8 and also referencing NACE standards and relevant CFR requirements where applicable.

Our fittings are manufactured using either an extrusion or a fabrication process as either of these processes deliver a high quality, engineered fitting that we stake our reputation on. We understand the high demands placed on the fitting during the intervention process and when we see it is Ion Pro, we know it is good to go!

A little more about our fittings

  • Designed to ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4 and ASME B31.8 with consideration given to NACE MR 0175 and 49 CFR Subpart D where required.
  • Extruded or fabricated – depending on what our customers require
  • Size on size or reduced branch.
  • Sizes through 42”
  • Flanges are rated to ANSI Class 150, 300, 600 and 900
  • Material grades ranging from A234 WPB, WPC up to and including WPHY60 with matching flanges.
  • Welding conforming to ASME IX and subjected to 100% RT
  • Fabrication and manufacturing facilities are certified to ASME U, R, NB and ISO 9001:2015
  • Welding backing strips are issued as a standard with all our fittings.
  • Our fittings are compatible with all major brands of hot tap equipment.

Finite Element Analysis

Supporting the designs of each size range, we conduct a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on both the iLOK flange and split tee assembly.

Ion Pro Services’ hot tap fittings are manufactured using an extrusion or fabrication process, dependent on our customer’s requirements and preference. A case for either method can be made and in reality, both alternatives offer their own advantages, and it comes down to customer and job specific requirements in selecting the preferred option.

Please visit our Insights page to read about a few considerations for both the extruded and fabricated tees.

Finite Element Analysis


Hot Tap Fitting

Hot Tap Fittings

Designed to facilitate a branched outlet from an operational pipeline, Ion Pro Services’ hot tap fittings are offered in a wide range of sizes with both size-on-size and reduced branch configurations.

Linestop Fittings

Ion Pro’s iLOK™ Linestop fittings are at the center of any live pipeline intervention. These linestop fitting allow for the connection of hot tap and linestop equipment to facilitate the temporary isolation of a pipeline or pipeline section. The main advantage is that the design of an iLOK linestop fitting allows for the safe removal of all the equipment, including the temporary linestop valve, all while the pipeline remains flowing and under pressure.

The magic lies in the iLOK completion flange and matching completion plug.

What makes an iLOK linestop fitting different from a standard hot tap fitting is the iLOK completion flange. This flange allows for greater flexibility in the use of these fittings and can be used in a variety of ways. The following fittings are great examples of the flexible application of an iLOK completion flange.

Line Stop Fittings
Line Stop Fitting With Pig Bars

Ion Pro’s iLOK™ Fitting

This is a hybrid between a standard hot tap fitting and iLOK  linestop fitting. The difference being the presence of an iLOK completion flange.

  • Non size on size
  • Commonly used as a tie in point
  • The hot tap service valve remains on the fitting
  • A flow through plug with pig guidebars is installed and secured in the iLOK completion flange to ensure the safe passage of pigs of the mainline at the hot tap tie in point.

Flow Through Plug with Pig Guidebars

  • Works with our standard iLOK completion flange
  • Bottom of flow through plug radiused to match the mainline onto which the tie in is being performed
  • Allows the flow from the mainline to pass through the tie in valve while maintaining the internal diameter radius to ensure safe pig passage of the mainline at the tie-in point.
Flow Through Plug with Pig Guidebars
Double Hub Fitting

Double Hub iLOK™ Fittings

This fitting design is used to minimize the bolted connection of a valve below grade. The one end of the valve is welded to the double hub, while the flanged side of the valve accommodates the hot tap and plug setting equipment.

  • The Ion Pro Services’ Double hub iLOK fitting facilitates the installation of a flow through plug with pig guidebars the same way a standard iLOK completion flange does.
  • The flow through plug with pig guidebars is located and set in the double hub and allows the flow from the mainline to pass through the tie in valve while maintaining the internal diameter radius to ensure safe pig passage of the mainline at the tie-in point.

3-Way Tee iLOK™ Fittings

This is a very versatile fitting because it allows for a below grade tie-in without having a sacrificial valve below grade.
This fitting is equipped with Ion Pro Services’ iLOK completion flange, which in turn allows for the setting of a solid iLOK plug with an extended flow through plug and pig guidebars to ensure uninterrupted pigging operations past the hot tap position.

  • No sacrificial valve left below grade
  • Reduced cost of a tie in
  • Reduced lead times
  • Solid iLOK completion plug allows for the safe removal of a temporary linestop valve when this tie in is complete.

Extended flow through plug with pig guide bar ensures the safe passage of a pipeline pig in the mainline at the hot tap tie in position.

Double Hub Fitting
Equalization Fitting

Vent and Equalization Fittings

The vent and equalization fitting can be used independently or in conjunction with an iLOK linestop fitting when performing a pipeline isolation.

In this function, the vent and equalization fittings are used to bleed down the pressure after setting the linestop plugging heads and again, to equalize the pressure across the linestop plugging heads before these plugging heads are retracted into the linestop housings.


Join our team. Ion Pro Services is a leading provider of hot tap and linestop solutions to the oil, gas and water industries worldwide. Built on integrity, high ethics and strong values, we provide quality, safety, innovation and unrivaled expertise during every project we undertake.

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