Case Study

Midstream Pipeline Company

Midland County, TX

JOB 1551

Completed April 2022

The Challenge

ION Pro was asked to help with a routine hot tap,  which quickly changed when the customer required additional scope of work to be added due to environmental standards. 

The customer pivoted from the original quoted scope with little time to make changes. Ion Pro had to expedite the engineering and manufacturing of specialized tools and make changes in equipment requirements to accommodate the customer’s new needs.

How We Helped

ION PRO Services provided an engineered solution, expediting fabrication, inspection & delivery of custom tooling along with fitting of equipment. We performed the required services (Extended Reach Hot Tap c/w Flow Thru Plug thru 3-Way Tee) maintaining the customer’s required timeline. 

Our Results

The customer was able to stay on schedule with no deviation from their timeline, meeting their newly acquired guidelines & requirements proved by their parent company. ION PRO Service’s ability to quickly adapt and provide an engineered solution in a short response time ensured that the customer met their project deadline.